Plant Sale 2021

Boy Scout Troop 525 is holding its 19th Annual Spring Plant Sale. The offerings are a bit different from what you’ve seen in the past and contain packs, bowls and baskets for easy maintenance and instant color. For those of you who like to spend more time digging in the dirt or want more variety and a larger selection of plants, try our Cash Cultivators for use at Parkview Gardens greenhouses and nursery ( Since we are virtual this year, orders and payment must be received Wednesday, March 31st. Remember, you can also make a donation to the church gardens on the order form.  The Boy Scouts from Troop 525 thank you for your sponsorship and support!

The deadline for placing an order is
Wednesday, March 31st.
Pick-up will be on Saturday, April 24th and

Sunday, April 25th.
Some extra plants may be available for sale on pick-up day.

Please note that social distancing and safety procedures will be in place. Plants will be available by curbside delivery on the Gym side of the building. Be on the lookout for instructions and signs when you come to pick up your plants.

When you are ready to place your order, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Print your order form and mail with payment to:
    Monique Heitmeier
    2320 Principia Dr
    Maryland Heights, MO 63043
  • Email your order to Monique Heitmeier at: (orders should be paid for at pick-up)
  • Call Monique Heitmeier at (314) 409-0483 to place an order or ask questions.